A group of content creators, a set of Olympic and Paralympic-themed challenges and just one winner. At stake is the opportunity to star in the dream of the Five Rings. The Digital Ambassador Challenge for Milano Cortina 2026 is a social media contest to choose one influencer as the Ambassador for the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In the first edition of the Digital Ambassador Challenge, singer Roberta Branchini triumphed, and content creator Sofia Dalla Rive won the second.

Being an Ambassador means bringing Italy and the world closer to the Olympic and Paralympic games. By participating in events and activities on social media, the winner will have the opportunity to raise awareness about the universal values that inspire the Games in the digital community. Federica Pellegrini, Alberto Tomba, Deborah Compagnoni, Bebe Vio and Francesco Totti are the first Ambassadors for Milano Cortina 2026.

The Digital Challenge aims to promote sports and their values through those who prioritise digital communication as one of their strengths in any sector.

An enormous competition scoreboard, several direct-elimination events that our community will vote on online and the values of sports lie at its heart. All participants will take on the mission of showing that it's possible to embody the Olympic and Paralympic spirit in everyday life, even while having fun, as well getting everyone involved now in the vast challenge that is Milano Cortina 2026.

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