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Website Accessibility Policy

We worked to ensure the accessibility of this website in accordance with the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1"

Compliance scope

This declaration applies to this website:

Milano Cortina 2026 - Official site of the Winter Olympic and Paralimpic Games:

Further indications

All elements on the website, such as images and videos, include alt text or ARIA labels, as needed.

The buttons have labels that explain their use.

The contents in background and foreground of the website ensure an high level of contrast.

The video contents are also usable through subtitles or alternative audio tracks.

The criteria are met to allow users to pause, stop any content that moves, flashes, or scrolls automatically for more than five seconds.

The website can be navigated using only the keyboard allowing users to access and interact with all the contents.


Non-compliant elements:

The following elements are not included in the declaration of conformity:

  • PDF file
  • contents retrieved from external services or hosted on third-party services accessible through the site
  • some video contents
  • outdated and unchangeable contents

This website will be updated regularly to improve accessibility, using the latest guidelines and technological innovations available. The goal is to bring the site to an AA compliance level as indicated by the "Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1"

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