7 Feb 2024

The story of Tina and Milo, the Mascots of the Games

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Mascot and Flo design

The official mascots of Milano Cortina 2026 are two friendly stoats, Milo and Tina. Brother and sister, they embody the contemporary Italian spirit.

The official mascots of Milano Cortina 2026 are two cute stoats named Milo and Tina. The light-coated mascot is called Tina and will represent the 2026 Winter Olympic Games. Her brown-coated little brother, Milo, will be the face of the upcoming Paralympic Winter Games.  Their names come from two of the cities featured in the Games: Milo from Milan and Tina from Cortina.

Mascots have been a key part of the Games since 1968. They have the task of giving concrete shape to the spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics, of spreading the values emphasised by each edition of the sporting event, of promoting the history and culture of the host territories. Tina and Milo will welcome and engage athletes and spectators from all over the world, creating a special relationship with the public.


It all began in Grenoble

The first mascot in history was Shuss, a stylized image representing a little man on skis, used by the organisers of the 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble. The Mascot, or "character" as it was called at the time, was a great success, so much so that in the next edition of the Summer Games, in Munich 1972, the first official Olympic Mascot, Waldi, made its debut.


Each edition of the Games has its own Mascots 

Since then, there have been many different mascots. Contrary to what one might think, they did not always take the form of animals: Schneemandl (Innsbruck 1976), was a snowman, Neve and Gliz, from Turin 2006, were a snowball and an ice cube. Howdy and sister Hidy, the two polar bears of Calgary 1988, were the first pair of Olympic Mascots. The first mascots with human features were also seen at the Winter Olympics: Haakon and Kristin, the official mascots of Lillehammer 1994. Anthropomorphic or not, they are essential in every edition of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Symbols of the Contemporary Italian Spirit 

Tina and Milo are therefore a fundamental symbol of the Italian edition of the Games in 2026. The stoats, with their liveliness and speed, embody the Italian Spirit that guides the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Curious by nature, surprising for their ability to change the colour of their fur according to the seasons, they are resilient in adapting to a challenging habitat such as the mountains.


Who are Tina and Milo?

Tina and Milo are sister and brother, similar but not identical, bearers of two complementary energies. The colours are also different, inspired by the changing colour of these animals during the course of the year: brown in summer and white in winter. The choice to propose these two different colons has a symbolic value. The mountain is an environment to be protected, experienced and enhanced not only in winter, but throughout the year: the two colours are there to remind us of this. In addition, diversity is an asset, especially when it conveys the values of complementarity and mutual help. They have a dynamic relationship, made up of synergistic actions which allow them to collaborate to achieve common goals.


Tina's identikit

Tina is the Olympic Mascot. She was born in Italy, in the mountains immersed in the green of summer and the white of winter snow. She has a brother called Milo who she is very close to- they spent their entire childhood together. Then she decided to move to the city because she has always been attracted to new things and to exploring the unknown. Tina is convinced that differences are an asset and that we can only grow if we confront each other with respect, listening and sincere curiosity. She likes to explore, try, change. She is passionate about art and music and believes in the power of beauty, in its transformative power. Nature is her home and even though she now lives in the city, she does everything she can to protect it and keep it as beautiful as it was when she was born.


The identikit of Milo

Milo is the Paralympic Mascot, he was born without a leg, but with a little ingenuity and a lot of willpower, he learned to use his tail and overcome every obstacle making his diversity a strength. He lives in the mountains, he's a practical guy, he likes to create, fix, assemble, disassemble, invent... build artefacts with the wood from its forests. For some time now, he has specialised in the creation of musical instruments that Tina will then play. Milo is lively and loves to have a good time. He is always on the move: he runs, jumps and climbs his beloved trees. I love joy and making my friends laugh makes me happy. He's crazy about games you can play in the snow. He's competitive, but he also knows how to lose. He is kind and hospitable, personable and patient. The only thing I can't stand is when someone mistreats the mountain.


The Flo

In the stages leading up to 2026, Tina and Milo will not be alone: their adventure companions will be six small snowdrops: “The Flo”. They are a team: there are those who are good at talking, those who are excellent sportsmen, those who are more judicious, those who are more rowdy and those who are a little more shy... what unites them is their shared passion for the outdoors and fun. They live in the mountains, usually during the winter they rest under the snow to conserve the energy they need for spring and summer. In these two seasons, they are at their best: they like to travel, play, discover new things and make friends!


 So, are you ready to experience the road to the Games with Tina and Milo & The Flo!?

Tina & Milo | The Official Mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Milano Cortina 2026 - YouTube

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