12 Feb 2024

The Mascots of Milano Cortina 2026 on Tour

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Disegno delle mascotte insieme ai Flo

Tina and Milo have started out on the first leg of their trip to all the places featuring in the next Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

After the exciting official debut at the seventy-fourth edition of the Sanremo Festival, Tina and Milo, the Mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Milano Cortina 2026, are ready to set off on an incredible journey visiting the places that will host the 2026 Winter Games. 

Foto del palco del Sanremo con le Mascotte, Amdeus e il ragazzo che ha creato le ha disegnate

On Tuesday 13 February, these two friendly stoats will begin their exciting tour, visiting the key people and places of the Milano Cortina 2026 Games for the first time. For two weeks, Tina and Milo will go on an incredible adventure to meet children, young people and the institutional representatives of the communities that will host the great sporting event. 


The stages of the tour

The first stop in Tina and Milo's journey will be Cortina d'Ampezzo. They will then visit wonderful places such as Brunico, Anterselva, Bolzano, Val di Fiemme, Trento, Livigno, Bormio, Verona and lastly arrive in Milan

Here is the programme of the Milano Cortina 2026 Mascots Tour:

Tuesday 13 February - CORTINA 

10:30 - activities with children at the Ice Stadium
12:30 - greeting with the children in the Kids Tofane Area 
14:30 - meeting with Mayor Lorenzi at the Council Chamber 
16:00 - meeting with children for the carnival party at Piazza della Conchiglia  
17:00 - arrival of the Town Band 


Tuesday 13 February - BRUNICO 

19:45 - pre-match Ice Hockey League derby @Intercable Arena Brunico: HC Pustertal Wolfe vs HCB Sudtirol Alperia 


Wednesday 14 February - ANTERSELVA 

09:15 - photo shoot with the Mayor and the Organising Committee at the Südtirol Arena Alto Adige in Anterselva di Sopra  
12:00 - group photo at the tolling of the bell "Concordia 2000" - Kronplatz


Wednesday 14 February - BOLZANO 

15:00 - presentation of the Mascots in Piazza Walther and greeting from the Mayor of Bolzano 


Saturday 17 February - VAL DI FIEMME (TESERO E PREDAZZO) 

09:30 - Start of HS66 jumping competitions at Stadio del Salto G. From Ben di Predazzo followed by the award ceremony for the 6 boys jump race at the Predazzo Stadium 
11:30: Start of 4/5km cross-country races (second part of the Nordic Combined race) at the F. Canal Cross-Country Stadium in Tesero followed by the cross-country award ceremony for 6 boys at the Tesero Stadium


Saturday 17 February - TRENTO 

4.00 p.m. - visit "Le Gallerie" in Trento and the "Records" Exhibition dedicated to the Olympics and Paralympics Milano Cortina 2026 


Monday 19 February - LIVIGNO 

09:30 - 12:30 - meeting with elementary and middle schools at Cinelux in Livigno  
18:00 - presentation to the public of the Mascots c/o snowfarm area  
18:30 - Freestyle and snowboard show with the team of the Italian National Team and the boys of the snowboard and freestyle sections of the Sporting Club Livigno + photo opportunity with the mascots 


Tuesday 20 February - BORMIO 

15:30 - Meeting with children from the nursery school in Bormio and baby dance moment 
16:30 - Parade with the Mascots to the Ski Stadium
17:30 - Small demonstration of Olympic disciplines that will be hosted in Bormio in the parterre of the Stelvio run to involve local children/teenagers


23 February - VERONA 

Photo opportunity with the Mayor in front of the Arena di Verona

Disegno delle mascotte


A trip full of activities

The two cuddly stoats will be warmly welcomed by the local communities, will participate in engaging initiatives and share exciting moments with young people of all ages. During the tour, they will meet school groups, visit exhibitions, attend sports competitions, and make festive appearances in different squares and competition venues. 

They will be welcomed by the engaging enthusiasm and great warmth typical of the people of the places they will visit. Tino and Milo's fans will have the opportunity to take part in a unique experience: meet the mascots of the most important sporting event in the world in person, take photos with them and learn about their exciting stories. 

Come and meet Tina and Milo 

Tina, the light-coated mascot, is really special: she is creative, down-to-earth and curious. She represents the 2026 Winter Olympic Games and believes that beauty has a magical power to transform everything. Her motto is "Dream Strong". Milo, her brown-coated brother, is a true champion of resilience. Despite being born without a leg, he has learned to walk with his tail and there is nothing which can stand in his way. For him, "Obstacles are just simply stepping stones".

With just under two years to go until the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games gets underway, these two adorable stoats are ready to transport the energy, enthusiasm and warmth of the Italian Spirit around Italy. They will be involved in so many fun and promising activities for an unforgettable experience. You will be able to meet your heroes, have fun and discover the true spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Milano Cortina 2026.

We can't wait to see you there!

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